Damage Reports:


    The need may arise for receiving and forwarding storm damage reports to our local governmental jurisdictions. Because our spotters are in the vicinity of the severe storm, it is likely that they will find themselves near the affected area almost immediately. 

    Net control shall assign a separate net control station and frequency for a net to collect damage reports. The use of the 147.040 repeater for this purpose is recommended. If the repeater is unavailable, assign a simplex 2 meter frequency.

The Net Control station tasked with accepting damage reports will record them as received on log SHEET#2. Net Control must then submit the damage reports to the appropriate agency in order of urgency. An assistant to the net control can be used for this purpose. It is reasonable to assume that it will take time to forward reports. Only the most urgent life-safety issues should be forwarded to an overloaded 911 PSAP during a crisis.