Kalamazoo Skywarn Net Preamble NWS SPOTTER TX# 1-800-647-3836

    "This is _______ net control station for the Kalamazoo County Skywarn Net. There is currently a <Weather Watch or Warning> in effect for Kalamazoo County until <Time>."

    "This is a directed net. Net control is accepting traffic from registered Kalamazoo Skywarn spotters.  Emergency traffic will be accepted from any station at any time."

"In the event of a repeater failure, the net will move to the 147.040 repeater."

    "Please state your callsign phonetically when checking in for the first time today."

    "Please inform Net Control if you need to leave your post for any reason."


    "GRR LIAISON Station Please check in at this time..."
  Assign a liaison station to the 145.270 repeater if needed.


    "Net control will now take check-ins. Please call slowly and one at a time..."

    Accept Check-ins. Request or assign spotting locations as needed and based on radar plots. You may secure the net when you feel it is appropriate, even if the watch or warning hasn't expired. Use your best judgement.

USE 2 Log Sheets.  SHEET#1   SHEET#2

The first sheet keeps track of who is in the net. 

The second sheet logs the time location and condition.