NWS SPOTTER TX# 1-800-647-3836

What to report to net control.  Remember TLC...Time...Location...Conditions

Wind-speed estimation: (in m.p.h.)

25-30 Large branches in motion. Whistling heard in utility wires.

30-40 Large trees in motion. Small twigs break off.

40-50 Limbs to " diameter break off. Larger rotted limbs blown down. some roof shingles may be blown off. Garbage cans and lawn furniture may be blown away.

50-60 Limbs up to 2" diameter break off. Rotted trees may be blown over. Light damage to mobile homes, out-buildings, sheds etc. TV antennas may be damaged.

60-70 Limbs up to 6" diameter break off. Downed power lines. Shallow rooted trees and trees in wet soil blown over. Moderate to severe damage to pole buildings.

70-110 Some roofs peeled off. Windows broken by force of wind. Mobile homes pushed or overturned. Some healthy well-rooted trees snapped off, badly broken or uprooted. Moving automobiles pushed off the road.

110+ Run for it!